Moses Family Jerky of Hanover, PA Launches Candy Line

At Moses Family Jerky, we are excited to announce that we have expanded our product line to include a selection of delicious candy!

When we first started our business, our focus was solely on producing high-quality beef jerky. However, as our business has grown, we have received many requests from customers for a wider range of snacks. After careful consideration, we decided to add candy to our product lineup.

Our new candy selection includes a variety of popular, tasty treats, including gummy bears, peach rings, and candy balls. We carefully selected each candy to ensure that it meets our high standards for taste and quality.

But why candy, you might ask? We believe that offering a wider range of snacks will make it easier for our customers to find something they love, whether they are in the mood for a savory snack like beef jerky, or a sweet treat like candy. Plus, adding candy to our product line allows us to appeal to a broader range of customers, including kids and those with a sweet tooth.

And don't worry, our commitment to producing the best beef jerky remains unchanged. We will continue to source the finest ingredients and use traditional techniques to create our delicious, protein-packed snacks.

If you're in the Pennsylvania area and are searching for "beef jerky near me," be sure to check out our new candy selection at And don't forget to use promocode "snack" for free shipping on your order. Happy snacking!


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