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Paying Customer Single Bag Monthly Subscription Special Deal! (DEAL)

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You can now join a special group of customers getting access to the freshest jerky possible. Subscribe to Moses Family Jerky to save time and money! We will make the jerky fresh and pick your bag out of that batch. Just pick your flavor and how often you want fresh jerky!

***Cancel at any time.*** 

***Change flavors at any time***


*Choosing to get random flavors means you will get access to ALL of the flavors not just the 8 available online.*


About the product
  • USDA approved meat marinated for multiple days then smoked slow producing a one of a kind product from the Snack Food Capital of the World
  • Fresh Beef Jerky- High Quality, Lean, Mind Blowing 30g of Protein per Pack
  • No Nitrites or MSG (except that which naturally occurs in soy sauce and celery) -Minimally Processed
  • Rated 5-star by (Spicy and Teriyaki) and more to come
  • Take homemade anywhere with our resalable package

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Wingert
Lives in WV but enjoys your jerky every month.

My son loves having a package of your delicious jerky sent to him every month.