• This list will continue to grow, but here are a few frequently asked questions! If your question is not on this list please email us at Mosesfamilyjerky@gmail.com and we will be happy to help.


Q: Can I buy your jerky wholesale?

                A: Every situation is a little different, but we can try. Email Dakotah at DMoses@mosesfamilybrands.com


Q: Do you wholesale all of your flavors?

                A: We do not wholesale our Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky, Original Turkey Jerky, BBQ Pork Jerky or Sriracha Turkey Jerky.


Q: Where can I find your product?

                A: We have locations from Harrisburg to Annapolis selling our product. Find the full list on our website here - http://www.mfjerky.com/locations-1.html


Q: Where do you get your meat?

                A: We get our meat from Wayne Nell & Sons out of East Berlin, PA.


Q: Is your jerky gluten-free?

                A: All of our jerky flavors are gluten free except our Teriyaki Beef Jerky,


Q: What flavors of beef jerky do you make?

                A: Our beef jerky flavors are Original, Sweet & Spicy, BBQ, Spicy, Spicy Bacon, Steakhouse, Teriyaki, Chesapeake Seasoning, and Ghost Pepper.


Q: Do you only make beef jerky?

                A: No, occasionally we have turkey jerky coming in Original, and Sriracha flavors as well as a BBQ Pork.


Q: Where can I find nutritional information?

                A: On the bags. Contact Bailey via email if you need the info digitally at BMoses@mosesfamilybrands.com


Q: Are there nitrites in your product?

                A: Not yet. We would prefer to avoid that if possible.


Q: What does the “Best by Date” Mean

                A: That date is when we would mark the product down, and consider it “clearance”. It is safe to eat after that date, but definitely not preferred. Keeping the jerky in the refrigerator will help extend freshness!


Q: How can I make your product last longer?

                A: Keep it in the refrigerator or freeze it!


Q: What is the small white packet in my bag of jerky?

                A: This is an oxygen absorbing packet. It is there to help extend freshness!


Q: What is your policy on returns?

                A: We love our customers! Bring the uneaten jerky back, and we will exchange it for you or give you your money back.


Q: What is the shelf-life of your jerky?

                A: 6 months of sitting at room temperature. Honestly, we would rather see you eat it fresh! 


Q: I don’t live near any of your locations- Do you ship your jerky?

                A: Yes! You can see all of our options via MFJerky.com.