Failure isn't bad.
Being told no isn't bad.


If you never fail you can't know your limits.
If you never are told no you aren't pushing hard enough.

Recently, I heard both of these ideas while researching successful business men and women. I took these things to heart and have already began to implement them into my life.

My last few weeks in a nutshell:
1/10 Tyler lets me know he wants to open a stand.
1/11 We find a market in Harrisburg.
1/11 We contact the market.
1/24 We meet at the market and talk to the manager.
1/24 We agree to open in 3 weeks.
1/27 I ordered my sign.
1/29 I picked up my sign.
2/14 Moses Family Jerky Broadstreet Market Location Grand Opening.

Gotta keep the jerky flowing.
I'll update again soon.

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