Moses Family Coffee

Moses Family Coffee

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    • Small Batch Roasted In Hanover, PA

      • The Daily Commuter -  Smooth as silk with an unadulterated taste of coffee, so enjoy!
      • Infield Grind - Developed while camping in the infield during our racetrack sponsorship. A snappy, lightly roasted coffee with nutty undertones. Many consider this one of the best coffees from Ethiopia.

      • 5:00am Flight -  A dark coffee with a smooth yet smokey flavor. 

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Dark Roast- Dark roast coffees are often the diner coffees or the coffee of your parents and grandparents. Back before high-end roasters and coffee roasting science, coffee was roasted until it lost most of its brown color and started to look black. Dark roast coffees can still taste great! They are easy to drink, don’t have as much caffeine, and often taste the best if you add cream and sugar.

Medium Roast- While some of the terroir might be lost in a medium roast, it’s not gone completely and can still be brought out with the right brew. When brewing at home, medium roasts are the most forgiving in taste, they won’t be too full or too light. When baristas talk about a balanced cup of coffee, a medium roast will usually have that balance. The acidity tastes more like raspberry than pink lemonade.

Light Roast- Light roast coffees can actually have the most caffeine. Light roast coffees are denser than medium or dark roast coffees because they spend less time against the heat of a roaster. Light roast coffee doesn’t taste like the stuff your parents or grandparents used to drink. Keeping the unique flavors in the brew sacrifices the body of the coffee, or how much the flavor fills your mouth as you drink. You don’t lose the unique flavors of your coffee bean in a light roast. The terroir (the fancy term for the ground where the coffee was grown) keeps its flavors in a light roast, that’s why your local Third Wave coffee shop will mostly roast their beans lightly.

Customer Reviews

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Victor Villa
Im like totally Hooked No LIE

I love the coffee! I don't usually drink coffee in TX til its gets cold and thats a Hardly 😂... But.. I thought I'd give Moses Family a try and I will definitely ne buying more along with Jerky!!!! Ty again #LoyalTiltheEnd

Kelly wilkerson
Coffee and jerky

Both were very good!!


I purchased this as a Christmas gift and it was very well received. Great company, would highly recommend.

Go to coffee

Great to start your day! Always fresh even when shipped across the country!

Coffee lovers

Freshly ground coffee is the best!! Definitely a good buy love it!