Still up bagging jerky thought I'd take a break to catch yall up. As you can see I am trying to be more active with this. I'll update the title and stuff soon.

Just as a reminder this blog is to keep anyone who wants to read about what's going on behind he scenes at MFJ updated. This will also be used as my personal journal to keep track of thoughts. Be prepared for nonsense.

Today was our second attempt to sell turkey jerky. It covered about 20% of total sales. Didn't sell out this time though.

I also got more info on our dog treats product

good boys

My PADA inspection isnt good enough for dogs. I must have misunderstood my inspector. So now I need to go through the whole process again with dog treats.

I am still very happy with where we are and we couldn't be here without our awesome customer base.

Thanks yall

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