10 Fun Facts About Candy You Probably Didn't Know

Welcome to MFJerky.com, where we not only offer delicious homemade style beef jerky, snack sticks, coffee, jam, and dog treats, but we also have a wide selection of candy for all your sweet tooth cravings. In honor of our sweet treats, we wanted to share with you 10 fun facts about candy that you probably didn't know. 

  1. The first candy was made over 2,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, where they used honey and fruit to create a type of hard candy.
  2. The world's largest chocolate bar weighed in at over 12,000 pounds and was created by Lindt & Sprüngli in Italy in November 2014.
  3. The first chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry, who mixed cocoa powder with sugar and melted it down to create a moldable chocolate paste.
  4. The average person in the United States eats about 24 pounds of candy per year.
  5. The first lollipop machine was invented in 1908 by George Smith, who used a hand-crank to make his "Prelo Pop."
  6. The world's oldest candy company is still in operation today – NECCO (New England Confectionery Company) was founded in 1847.
  7. The first gummy candies were made in Germany in 1922 and were called "Gummibärchen."
  8. The most popular Halloween candy in the United States is the chocolate bar, followed by Skittles and M&M's.
  9. The longest candy cane ever made was over 60 feet long and was created in Alabama in 2002.
  10. The first jelly beans were made in the early 1900s and were called "Jelly Beans." They were made with a variety of flavors, including licorice, mint, and fruit.

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