Another day @ MFJ

There is always something to be improved. The product will never be perfect. I have countless examples of improvements we have made over the past three years. 



"Let's make the jerky during the day so we don't have to overdry every batch."


 How do you create a product for the masses? Coke did it! 



As of 2012 only two countries Cuba and North Korea was it illegal to sell Coke.


I've found it difficult to distinguish between what changes are to better the product overall, and what changes are a solution to a short term problem. Is the jerky too wet? Is the jerky too dry? It tastes old! It tastes salty! It's too sweet.. Then there's that customer that comes up and tells us it's the best they have ever had!

These are the customers that I find it hard to not change the product right away based on negative feedback, but I'm getting better!


 I want to know what that is. What makes you feel that it is special?  This is why we always offer a money back guarantee. I realize there are all different kinds. I believe we can create a product for everyone. A convenient snack that can be taken anywhere!


You get to help with that! 



We ask for every customers feedback and suggestions. We're gathering information. This world is filled with so many different types of people. I truly believe that it makes for a better my exciting life. Diversity is great! No answers today. Just thoughts, statements, questions and one mission. To take homemade everywhere.

"Let's make something special."

We had samples of three potential turkey jerky flavors this week! I hope you got a bag or two! 

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