How To DIY homemade beef jerky

Here's a shout out to all of those cooks, hunters and DIY lovers out there! Today I'm gonna quickly break down how a professional would make jerky at home.


Step one- find your cut of meat.

Step two- slice the meat. Do you want a tough jerky or one that is soft? A common practice is to cut with the grain to get a tougher style jerky. Cut against the grain if you'd like your jerky to be on the softer end of the spectrum.

Step three- recipe. Ok I'm gonna assume you don't already have one. If you do great! Just skip this step. My suggestion would be to pick up one of our DYI jerky marinade kits! 

Another option would be to check out what free recipes are available on the internet. Pinterest would be a good starting point.


Step 1- Decide where you'll be drying the jerky. Hopefully, you've already figured out where you'll be making your jerky. Dehydrators, smokers or your oven should work!

Step 2- Wait. You're gonna want to keep an eye on your jerky, but patience is key. Wait until you meat is dry enough to bend but not break. When your getting close to being done take 1 piece out at a time and let it cool before determining if it's finished.

Step 3- Enjoy! There's nothing like hot homemade jerky!


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