Just a quick update 3/28/15

Hey yall,


First, I'd like to start out by saying thank you to everyone who has shown us support in anyway. I've seen it in advice, suggestions, word of mouth and even shelling out for every family member to get their own bag for Easter! I have customers committed to drive up from Baltimore every two weeks to get their jerky fix! Keep it all coming it makes my job so rewarding! 


They are finally here!! Make sure you check out our dog treats cooked fresh at the Hanover Market and also offered in York and the Central Market.


Once things slow down a bit were thinking our next flavor is going to an extention of our partnership with Old Grumpy Marks Hot Sauce Company!! Be on the lookout for "Spicy BBQ" and a "Really Spicy" you heard it here first:).


I'm always looking for advice so please if you have any send it my way.


Thanks for your time,


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