Moses Family Jerky - A PA Beef Jerky Business

At Moses Family Jerky, we're proud to be a Pennsylvania-based beef jerky business. Our jerky is made with high-quality beef and the finest seasonings, giving it a unique and delicious flavor that's unlike any other jerky on the market.

As a Pennsylvania-based business, we're committed to supporting our local community and economy. We source all of our beef from local businesses, ensuring that our jerky is fresh and flavorful. And by supporting local businesses so we're also helping to support the local economy and keep jobs in the area.

But being a Pennsylvania-based business means more than just supporting the local economy. It also means that we're able to offer fast and convenient shipping to our customers throughout the state. If you're searching for beef jerky near me and you live in PA, you can order from Moses Family Jerky and have your jerky delivered right to your doorstep.

And to make things even better, we're offering free shipping on all orders with the promocode "snack." So if you're a Pennsylvania resident looking for a delicious and high-quality beef jerky, be sure to check out Moses Family Jerky. You won't be disappointed!


Of course, you can always grab some jerky freshly made directly from our beef jerky store where we use a homemade beef jerky style recipe! This would be a really great way to support articles like this!


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