Sunday Feb 16 2014

Hey guys! This is our first post I have been trying to get started with this just to give our customers a little more insight into what goes into the day to day business of Moses a Family Jerky.

We sold out again yesterday with a great day in sales pushing over the $700 amount. Not bad considering out the previous record was $500 in a week. A lot of that had to do with the high school I graduated from allowing us to sell our product there.

Because we sold out production is at full speed around MFJ's shop today. It should be an interesting day because the meat slicer is coming back in today. It had to be taken offsite to warm up over the weekend because of the insanely cold weather we have had.

Well back to work! This Saturday will be our first day at the Hanover Farmers Market after pushing so hard. Cya later!

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