The top 10 fundraising events for hockey teams

As a hockey team, finding ways to raise money for new equipment, travel expenses, and other costs can be a challenge. One solution is to hold a fundraiser, which can not only help you raise the funds you need, but also bring your team and community together.

If you're looking for inspiration for your next hockey team fundraiser, here are the top 10 ideas to consider:

  1. Hockey tournament: Host a one-day or weekend-long tournament and charge an entry fee. You can also sell concessions and merchandise to raise additional funds.

  2. Silent auction: Gather donations from local businesses and organize a silent auction at a team event or community gathering.

  3. Jerky sale: Partner with a local jerky company like Moses Family Jerky to sell fresh homemade-style beef jerky, snack sticks, and other tasty treats. Not only will you raise money for your team, but you'll also be supporting a small business.

  4. Candy sale: Similar to the jerky sale, you can partner with a candy company to sell a variety of sweet treats. This is a great option for teams with younger players.

  5. Car wash: Set up a car wash at a convenient location and charge a fee for each car washed. Make sure to advertise the event ahead of time to draw a crowd.

  6. Bake sale: Ask team members and their families to bake and donate treats for a bake sale. You can sell the treats at a game or community event.

  7. Raffle: Purchase items to raffle off, such as gift baskets or sports memorabilia. Sell tickets to enter the raffle, with the winner announced at a team event or game.

  8. Pizza night: Partner with a local pizzeria to host a team fundraiser night. A percentage of the sales from the evening will go towards your team's funds.

  9. Coffee sale: Partner with a local coffee shop or roaster to sell bags of coffee. This is a great option for teams with older players or parents.

  10. Jam sale: Partner with a local jam or preserve maker to sell a variety of spreads. This is a unique and tasty option for a team fundraiser.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your next hockey team fundraiser. For more information on fundraising with Moses Family Jerky, visit []. Happy fundraising!

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