What big paws you have.

Hey everyone,


I hope all is well. MFJ is busier than ever thanks to so many great friends, an amazing customer base, and a lot of hard work.


Since taking on our Harriburg location I've come to find out how big of a bear I was really poking at. I had no clue we would have had so much immediate support and recognition as we did. Who knew a little beef jerky business out of Hanover, PA was already known of in Harrisburg? I sincerely appreciate all the support I have received so far and all the help that got us where we are.


On a new front the dog treats go in for testing soon! We're trying to find out exactly how big we want our original  line to be. 


Cow tendons

Dog buscits

Pig skins

Any feedback would be great


Yall are the best,




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