What I've learned in 5 years

Well, we made it! When you start a business those "x% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years" stats can really seem scary. So here's to 5 great years at MFJ!

What a lot of people don't know is the same type of statistics exist for the 5-10-year-old businesses. Our mantra all year has been we must grow efficiently. We're doing that and we're so pumped to see what walls we can climb or better yet run straight through before 2023. We're gonna ride the internet and our awesome customers to that 10-year mark. Thanks for being you!

I've learned a ton so far, and I'd argue the school of hard knocks is a great way to get an education. More than anything I feel that patience is key. Forcing things is not the answer. Treating customers wrong for an extra short-term buck or not letting a program unfold isn't a way to grow a brand. Lastly, I've found that most people are awesome. Give them a shot to impress you, and you will be surprised what results you can get.


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