Good Boys Dog Treats

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Our dog treats are made with ONLY 1 INGREDIENT (whatever meat you choose)! Your dogs are going to love these, and they will be happy to avoid all the extra additives that help with shelf life. Yep that's right! We're taking advantage of all that we have learned while bringing you fresh meat snacks, and now we're bringing them to your pets!

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Elspeth McClelland
my dog loves these

they are great

Dog treats

These treats are great because they are small portions, crunchy, and single ingredient. My dog will always come into to the house if I say "treat!" and shake these treats in the container.

Cindy Lamasa

My dog LOVES them About to buy more!!!

shawn kennedy
Simple 1 Ingredient treat!!!!!!

All the treats on the market with many ingredients in them. Can my dog have this? Can my dog have that? With these treats its either Chicken or Beef. Don't have to worry about additives or fillers. My German Shepherd LOVES them. Thank you for making it simple!!! I would recommend any dog owner to try these for your Doggo! You won't be disappointed!